A discussion with Giorgos Rorris

On Wednesday 24 February, at 8 p.m., the art historian and exhibition curator Elizabeth Plessa and the journalist of “Ta Nea” newspaper Mary Adamopoulou conducted a discussion with Giorgos Rorris… View Article


Typography stroll down ‘Diatton Publishing’

‘The other Arcadia’ Foundation, ‘Kastaniotis Editions’ and ‘Diatton Publishing’ present ‘Six Dreams by Giorgos Veltsos and three etchings by Chronis Botsoglou’, a limited edition of 99 copies. Each cover has… View Article


Interactive Map for the project “The Labyrinth of Kypseli | SCALE # 2:100″

Did you get lost in the Labyrinth of Kypseli? Look into the 7 places where the events are taking place. Spot the red pin to find what is happening right… View Article


Nekyia: the movie

The film ‘Nekyia’ refers to Chronis Botsoglou work ‘Personal Nekyia’, a solid, layered and indivisible work, inspired by the deaths of loved-ones, which is a figurative study of the artist… View Article