Ellenico Plurale: Sotiris Felios and Giuliano Serafini’s interview at BHMA WebTV

Sotiris Felios and curator Giuliano Serafini discuss the exhibition Ellenico Plurale with reporter Katerina Lymperopoulou. Watch the video here: Greek Art in Rome (Ελληνική Τέχνη στη Ρώμη)


Ellenico Plurale: Articles in the italian press

Read what the italian press wrote about the exhibition Ellenico Plurale – Dipinti dalla Collezione Sotiris Felios: Adnkronos: Non solo crisi e Partenone, al Vittoriano in mostra la Grecia contemporanea… View Article


Ellenico Plurale: Watch the video on web tv uniroma.tv

This video is available only in italian. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Article in the italian newspaper “Il Tempo”

«ELLENICO PLURALE» showcases part of the extraordinary FELIOS collection at the Vittoriano There is more than just the crisis; Greece cares for contemporary art an article by Gabriele Simongini «”Ellenico… View Article


“Kathimerini” newspaper: The Sotiris Felios Collection in Rome

Margarita Pournara writes in “Kathimerini” newspaper about the Sotiris Felios Collection and the exhibition Ellenico Plurale – Dipinti dalla Collezione Sotiris Felios. This article is available only in Greek. We… View Article