12.10.2013 - 01.12.2014
16 Fokionos Negri Str.

16 Fokionos Negri Str., Athens


The Sotiris Felios Collection

Tuesday-Friday 17:00-21:00
Saturday & Sunday 12:00-18:00
The exhibition will be closed on December 24th-26th, January 1st & 2nd

The exhibition bearing the title “Pictorial references on memory and time” attempts to showcase the importance of memory for the art of painting and the artistic procedure, as well as the way time is conveyed in contemporary painting. Selections from the Sotiris Felios Collection will be displayed in the collector’s own premises, at 16 Fokionos Negri str.. The exhibition raises a question which concerned the pioneering art movements of the early 20th century (the relation between space and time) giving, at the same time, the opportunity to consider the importance of memory in shaping personal and collective identity today. At a time when, due to the economic crisis and social changes, these identities are being tested, issues such as memory, management and evaluation of the past seem particularly relevant and necessary not through an ethno-centric view, but through a deeper strain of self-awareness. As an art form, painting transforms through its own language aspects of this identity and reflects, among other things, aesthetic values, the culture of daily life, the way we grow older, the stories we hear, the art we see and the bonds we develop.

Although in these particular works of the exhibition the intention of the creators was not necessarily the render of time, this curatorial proposal gathers them into a single framework and in an open, broad approach of time and memory. Following the recent exhibitions of the Sotiris Felios Collection in the annexes of the National Gallery in Nafplion and Sparta, this presentation suggests another reading of this private collection of art that contains in its core the contemporary Greek, figurative painting.

Works such as, among others, those of Michalis Manousakis, Tassos Mantzavinos Anna Maria Tsakali, Giorgos Rorris, Stefanos Daskalakis, Alecos Levidis, Kostas Papanikolaou, Edouard Sacaillan, Emmanuil Bitsakis and Jannis Psychopaidis among others offer different senses of time and touch the issue of memory.

The exhibition opens on 10 December and will last until 12 January 2014. During the exhibition, one conversation between the exhibition curator Alexandra Koroxenidis with the artists Alekos Levidis and George Rorris (Wednesday, 18 December at 7.30pm) is planned as well as a talk about the philosophies of time and memory which will be given by the assistant professor of philosophy at Panteion University, Mr. Dionysis Kavvathas (Wednesday, 8 January at 7.30pm). Tours for the public will take place during the weekend of 14-15 December and 11-12 January from 13:00 to 14:00 by the exhibition curator.

Curator: Alexandra Koroxenidis – Art Historian
Opening: Tuesday, December 10 at 20:00