12:00 - 17:00
'The other Arcadia'

16 Fokionos Negri Str., Athens


Elia Iliadi

free entrance


On Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of April 2013,“The other Arcadia” hosts artist Elia Iliadi and her work Pandώra in progress The yellow session, from 12pm till 5pm.

Pandώra is the general title of the new project she is preparing, a complex installation of diverse art media (painting, photography, sculpture, sound, video, performance and new media).

Painkillers is the first interactive piece of Pandώra and it includes pictures of her work in progress. Fragments and elements of the pieces she makes in her studio are posted on Facebook in chronological order, followed every time by a text. This way a new narrative work is constructed.

Started on Tuesday 3rd April 2012, Painkillers are mainly functioning as her emotional diary. The venture has an interactive character, as it welcomes other people to participate through their comments.

Pandώra in progress… is the second interactive work and it is the procedure of collecting molds of 3,000 human fingers in order to construct one three-dimensional piece.

The final piece consists of the seven rainbow colours, so “fingers” are collected from different locations depending of the colour she is working on and with a south to north geographical direction. These are the “sessions”.

People are invited to pose for the project by letting the artist take a mold of their fingers using plaster strip. From the final casted pieces, one is going to be returned to each one of the sitters as an exchange for their contribution.

Participation is not limited to one “session” as everyone is welcome to attend again, every time there is a colour change!