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Coumantaros Art Gallery - National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum Annex in Sparta

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Coumantaros Art Gallery
National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum Annex in Sparta

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Renowned painter Giorgos Rorris grew up in Kosmas and Vrodamas. He finished school in Geraki. Geographically his life has been surrounded by two mountains, Parnonas and Taygetos. This space has been expanded through Rorris’ studies in Athens and Paris and through his encounters with the masters of painting at the large museums, where he found and became more familiar with tradition. This space has been widened further while being confined on the canvas. The painting space begins as a personal space but it then becomes a space that comprises us all.

Giorgos Rorris’ painting has come a long way since 1988, when he has had his first solo exhibition, from landscapes to ‘landscapes of the soul’, the nudes, of today. Various techniques, numerous colours beneath the shades of grey, allow us to encounter the loneliness within and deal with it in a unique way. In the same way that the painter himself transforms greatness to simplicity, the everyday even malformed into a ‘silent being’ that allows, however, all the distressing cries of his creativity to be heard. This is the reason Rorris’ master Panayiotis Tetsis called Rorris an ‘artistic genius’, after his first solo exhibition.

Giorgos Rorris will help us unravel his artistic path at the Coumantaros Art Gallery which is currently hosting the exhibition ‘The `80s Generation – Contemporary Greek Painting from the Sotiris Felios Collection’ that presents, among others, Rorris’ paintings.