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16 Fokionos Negri Str.

16 Fokionos Negri Str.
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The Sotiris Felios Collection

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On Wednesday January 8th, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Panteion University Mr. Dionyssios Kavvathas will talk about the philosophies of time and memory.

While exploring the field of theories regarding memory, it becomes apparent that the history of “absorption” of memory is, at the same time, the history of mnemonic devices as its means of conveyance. If the spatial memory models prevailed once, the architectures of modern era are now based on time. Therefore, the organization of social memory during modernity is taken over by the media, while, during postmodernity, there is a domination of the model of interactive network. We begin to understand that the so-called “memories” are not but the result of the system that produces them. The work of art becomes a privileged instrument of memory because it has an increased awareness concerning the dependence of the memory on the observer.

Dionyssios Kavvathas

This event is related to the exhibition Pictorial references on memory and time.