• 1994
  • watercolour, gold leaves, india ink and graphite on paper
  • 11 x 11 cm

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Eight paintings from the illustration of the book Haiku. For the Rain, the Snow, the Wind, the Sun, the Moon, Bastas-Plessas Editions, Athens 1994.

Translated by Michel Fais, illustrations Chronis Botsoglou.

Published in 2000 copies with 35 pictures, one for each poem and 100 copies with 5 additional unbound pictures, printed in larger dimensions on special paper and numbered.

1. A summer’s rainfall: / In the colour of the wind / The dusky plum tree [Kagami Shiko (1665-1731)] From the series “For the rain”, fig. 3

2. Chilly autumn wind / As it blows hurriedly by / Shakes the poor scarecrow [Yosa Buson (1716-1783)] From the series “For the wind”, fig. 3

3. In the setting sun / Creation dances with joy: / Fireflies on the wing [Yokoi Yayü (1702-1783)] From the series “For the sun”, fig. 3

4. On the kingfisher / With its water-dampened wings / The sunlight glistens [Kaga No Chiyo (1703-1775)] From the series “For the sun”, fig. 4

5. Uprooted and lost / So many thousands of souls / Oh moon in the sky! [Yosa Buson (1716-1783)] From the series “For the moon”, fig 4.

6. In dawn’s light I saw / Fishermen’s suntanned faces / Among white poppies [Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)] Unbound

7. Slumbered in the rain / Turning now to the moonlight / Bamboo awakens! [Kawai Sora (1649-1710)] Unbound

8. A ferocious storm / Rips the two-day-old moon / Into smithereens! [Yamamoto Kakei (1648-1716)] Unbound