Born in Athens, she studied etching at the Athens Engraving Centre with Pino Pandolfini and Dimitra Siaterli (1999-2005). In 2001 she was admitted 8th at the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied painting under the Rector Chronis Botsoglou. During the third year she was selected for the workshop’s scholarship of the year. She studied scenography with Giorgos Ziakas. She also studied mosaic for two years with Daphne Angelidou. In 2008 she graduated with distinction. In 2009 Zervaki began her second degree in etching under Michalis Arfaras and Yannis Gourzis.

She worked at the creative department of the advertising company DRUID Com&Com (1998-2001). In 2000 she created the central artistic theme for booklet, poster, etc. for the campaign against women exploitation run by the General Secretariat of Equality and other organizations in the frame of the E.U. program “Dafne”. She also undertook the partial illustration of educational books for the Technical Professional Education Schools of Greece (2000). She is also engaged in book covers illustration “Educational Community” magazine 2002 & 2003; “Greek Tales with Wild Dragons”, 2005. In 2005 Zervaki participated in a short movie by Giorgos Lampiris.

Lives and works in Athens.

Solo Exhibition

  • 2005 Box hall, Athens, Greece

Group Exhibitions

  • 2012 Works of Art Exhibition, Centre for the Defense of Human Rights, Art Centre of the City of Athens, Greece
  • 2012 Participated in an artistic intervention-action by the activist group Atenistas for the embellishment of the city centre, Greece
  • 2011 Works of Art Exhibition, Centre for the Defense of Human Rights, Cultural Centre of the City of Athens, Greece
  • 2011 Artistic Crafts Exhibition, Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity, “Melina” Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens, Greece
  • 2010 Carte Blanche VIII, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2009 Athens Fringe Festival, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
  • 2009 Carte Blanche VII, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2008 Diversity Festival, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2008 Metamorphoses: eyes+is, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
  • 2008 History of a workshop, the Athens Engraving Centre, Art Gallery Municipality of Athens, Greece
  • 2007 Carte Blanche V, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2007 Diversity Festival, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2007 Suggestions, the Greek Engravers Union, Greece
  • 2006 4thBiennale of the Greek Fine Arts students, Crete, Athens, , Greece & Toronto, USA
  • 2005 Poetry in pictures, French Institute, Athens, Greece
  • 2005 Ex Libris, Lefkada, Greece
  • 2004 Carte Blanche II, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece
  • 2003 Art Gallery, Nafplion, Greece
  • 2003 Carte Blanche I, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece

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