Born in Athens, she graduated from the Philosophy Department of the University of Athens. Her active part in social and political movements started at her university years and continued when she worked for the bank sector where she became active as an elected member of trade unions.

She attended media courses at Birkbeck University of London and worked as communication advisor in the private sector.

She first took up photography as a hobby. Later she attended courses in Platon Rivellis’ “Photography Circle” and at the International Center of Photography in New York.

She started with black and white photographs that depicted moments of Greek reality and were accompanied with texts that complemented the images with historical data and narration.

From film she moved to color and black and white digital photos whose main feature is the blurring of the image and her focus on Man.

…Tsoukatou has moved beyond the limitations of the camera to render images of time flowing through her images.  She sees objects in motion and captures the essence of their motion.  There is urgency surrounding her subjects, a need to be somewhere, to do something.  Not to stand still.  Her images recognize that life does not stand still…

...Tsoukatou’s images reveal the movement and rhythm of life, the fleeting details and mysteries unfolding in common places and chance moments.  The subtle gestures, the furtive glances, the darkness that illuminates; these are a few of the recurring symbols which appear in Popi’s work that help us recognize ourselves in the unguarded moments of our own lives. …….

Steve Anchell