Brief anti-Biography

Born in Athens in 1955 to an aristocratic family, Tassos Pavlopoulos inherited a fortune that was of mythical proportions. He studied at the finest colleges and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland (1978-1983) under Henryk Tomaszewski and Teresa Pagowska. He took part in all the major revolutions of the last three weeks and during the last two nights he led a blissful, sinful and rebellious life. He was often exiled, imprisoned and tortured for his non-existent and fixed ideas. He was a world champion in making you dance in circles and in the Formula I. He received the Nobel Prize in Economics twice. He has had 22 solo shows and has participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.  He has published, aside from the present catalogue, nine other books and as well as the magazines: “I Diaplasis tis Technis”, “The Formation of Art” (2003) and “Artopoieion” “Art Bakery” (2007). His works can be found in major museums of the world and in the most important private collections of the northern hemisphere. He lives in his own world and reigns between the Alps and the Amazon.

* From the catalogue for the exhibition of Tassos Pavlopoulos, "Sewing-mechanics. Painting on paper 2008-2009", Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, 23 March - 8 May 2010.

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