Afrodite Papadouli studied Painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts under the supervision of Yannis Psychopedis. While still being a student she was distinguished in a local competition on the project of the refurbishment of Piraeus station and subsequently she won a prize in a major European competition on the introduction of the Euro currency entitled “Painting the Euro”.

After her graduation in 2002 her work evolved rapidly into expressionistic trends with striking colours and strong contrasts. She would break the form quite often and she would choose her subject instinctively.

She has presented a series of themes, in a total of 5 solo and numerous group exhibitions based on both reality and imagination often blending the two into a magical realism, her themes and ideas springing from childhood, fairy tales, dreams, trivial aspects from everyday life and the endless energy one can discover in nature.  Within these subjects she can express freely and effortlessly her instant emotions in glowing lively colours.

Moreover, she teaches in primary education classes, colleges and cultural associations.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2009 3 Βedfordbury gallery, Covent Garden, London
  • 2009 Gallery 7, Athens
  • 2008 Stuffed Head, Sifnos Island
  • 2007 Gallery 7, Athens
  • 2005 Gallery Christina Karella, Athens
  • 2003 Gallery Christina Karella, Athens

Group Exhibitions

  • 2008 Gallery 7, Athens
  • 2008 Artistic Panorama of Thessaloniki Greece
  • 2007 Artistic Panorama of Thessaloniki Greece
  • 2006 Art Philo Gallery, Hellenic Center, London
  • 2006 Wandering Dog - Wandering Mind , Booze Cooperativa
  • 2006 Exhibition for the Human Rights, Park of Freedom - Athens
  • 2005 Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Christina Karella, Athens
  • 2004 Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Christina Karella, Athens
  • 2001 Gallery 7, Athens
  • 2001 Painting Euro, Zapion Megaron - Athens
  • 2001 Piraeus - Port - Station, Athens Piraeus Electric Railways - Piraeus