Nicos Nicolaou (1909-1986)

Born at the Island of Hydra, Nicos Nicolaou studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1929-1936) under Costas Parthenis and Umbertos Argyros, and continued his studies in Rome and Paris (1937-1938). In 1939 he got a scholarship for painting by Prince Nicholas of Greece. He had his first solo exhibition in Athens (1948). However, already since 1935, he participated in many group shows, especially abroad. He was engaged in fresco painting and etching, as well as the illustration of books and the design of stage scenery and costumes for a series of theater performances. A wing of the Source of Life Church and the Ceremony Hall of the "Panteion" University in Athens, as well as the Heraklion Lodge in the Island of Crete together with many other frescos in hotels and private residences are his work. He had also published a series of art articles on newspapers and magazines. In 1964 he was elected professor at the School of Fine Arts and later became its director. His work is clearly anthropocentric with persistence in the female figure and has recourse to the ancient Greek pictorial tradition. Nicos Nicolaou passed away at the Island of Aegina (1986).

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