The painter Andreas Katsimardos was born in 1955 in Athens where he lives and works. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. He has had four solo exhibitions and has taken part in more than sixty group exhibitions. His paintings can be found in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.

Andreas Katsimardos begins through a ritual procedure to reveal the “objects” he depicts, as points of reference of the presence of man in life, of his reminiscence (that is imprinted in his passage in life), of the relations he develops as unfulfilled expectations in his daily routine, but also as skipped accounts of the  potentialities of the “feasible” or of the possibilities that imagination may raise. The herasmic terseness, with which he portrays the objects as an alter ego of  the self, subject the viewer to a stochastic mood around the notions of life itself, of its correlations and transcendences in space and time. The everyday objects of people’s associations are transformed into credentials of an artistic deposition, defined mostly by its conundrums than of what self-evidently the cognate objects declare.

Athina Schina
Art Critic & Historian

We have to admit that classical allusions nowhere exist without some ambiguity. Andreas Katsimardos fabricates riddles, playing with the “symbols” of the ancient world drawing power and magic from inside his own source. The whole nostalgia of the infinitude appears before us behind the geometric precision of the space he treats. We feel the most memorable emotions when particular aspects of the world, which we completely ignored their existence, suddenly bring us face to face with mysteries that have always lain on our side.

Stavroula Mavrogeni
Art Historian