Peris Ieremiadis (1939-2007)


  • 2007 Couples, Art Gallery-Café, Voula-Athens
  • 2006 St. Georges and other paintings, Astra Gallery, Athens
  • 2004 Drawings and sketches, Astra Gallery, Athens
  • 2003 Drawings and sketches on the theme “Flowers”, Glyfada
  • 1998 Paintings and drawings, House of Cyprus, Athens
  • 1995 Boats, French Institute, Pireus
  • 1993 Astra Gallery, Athens
  • 1991 Ioni Gallery, Kifissia, Athens
  • 1989 Ioni Gallery, Kifissia, Athens
  • 1979 Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens
  • 1978 Drawings, Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens


Peris Ieremiadis, 1998, Paintings and drawings, Athens: Indiktos Publications

Peris Ieremiadis, the nobleman of colours

The painter Peris Ieremiadis (1939-2007) was the incarnation of nonchalance and nobility, a 60 year old adolescent, full of life assertion, simplicity, and thirst for painting. He lived simply, discreetly, painted with love and thorough knowledge, and left suddenly last Saturday on his beloved Aegina where he had lived for the past year.

Literary and popular

His painting was like himself, literary and popular, European and Greek, modern and traditional. He made his own colours according to the palette of Polygnotos. For red he preferred the earth of Penteli. He adored the folk icons as well as Matisse, Pikionis as well as Braque, he sketched fishing boats and St. Georges, lemons and fish, olives and grapes, houses with their inside open to be seen. And all that with an eye for colour… what a feeling for colour! His terracotta, his ochre, his carmine and his luminous black are unique.

His parents came from Asia Minor, he spent his childhood years in Africa and Athens. He studied painting in Paris where he lived for 11 years, spent time in Germany and Italy, traveled all over Europe. In 1972 he returned to Athens. He worked for architects’ offices as colour consultant as well as publishing houses, and until the end he had the artistic supervision of the periodical Indiktos. He delved into the work of D. Pikionis and G. Chalepas preparing editions and curating exhibitions of their work. In the last thirty years, he exhibited his own work in various galleries and institutions. His last exhibition at Astra Gallery last spring was very successful.

The art of life

His art was the art of life. His graceful accounts, his fascinating insistence, his genious of vision became evident both in company and in his paintings, during the meals with goatmen at his studio as at his ‘thick’ exhibitions, where behind as apparent nonchalance lay the esthetic care and strict imposition of the colour of the gallery walls. And his compositions? Well digested here are the pictoral tradition of East and West with 20th century modernism, the Hellenistic style with Matisse, Picasso, and the figures of Karagiozis, Cubism and the figures from the book of Saints. A clean, comparative painting mode, on the border between description and decoration, with held-in feeling, with painting triumphant.

The artist and person Peris, noble and good, will be missed from the Greek artistic scene and for all those who knew him. In homage to his old friend, Alexis Kyritsopoulos will assign part of the space of his show to the works of P. Ieremiadis at Astra Gallery which represents both these artists (Astra Gallery, Karyatidon 8, Acropolis). His funeral was held yesterday in Athens.

Nikos G. Xydakis
* Newspaper Kathimerini May 15th 2007