Born in Athens in 1971, she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2000 under Jannis Psychopedis. He has presented her work in five solo exhibitions: Chrysothemis (2000), Art Gallery 24 (2006), Gavras Art Gallery (2008 and 2010) and Epsilon Art Gallery (2008) and has participated in many group exhibitions. Ιn 2003 she participated at Sotheby’s auction International Young Artists. Lives and works in Athens.

...Using her very own way of seeing things, her ‘binoculars’ so to speak, which are instruments of precise observation, ‘Leda the diver’ has dived into the ocean of detail and has slowly but gradually brought to the surface of the canvas a myriad of elements that comprise the ‘genetic code’ of both our seen and unseen reality. Each coloured stroke of her brush builds up an image of things, cell-by-cell, and the space between them. In an artistic yet sensitive way, Leda narrates to us the character of the object ‘posing’ for her. She speaks of its shape, its volume, its interaction with the light; analyses its colour, its weight, its height… explains how a fabric can be ‘enamoured’ with a piece of porcelain or how various forms and textures can keep each other company. With a clear sense of love for the leading figures in her works, she captures their temperature, their very pulse, their breaths. In her workshop, she hones her eye for detail and her painting skills via ordinary day-to-day practice, but in doing so utilises every visual opportunity to the full...

Marina Kanakaki
* from the leaflet of Leda Contogiannopoulou's solo exhibition at the Epsilon Gallery in Thessaloniki, 2007.