Born in Agrinio in 1956, he studied Law at the Democritus University of Thrace (1975-1979) as well as Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts where he was a student of Dimitris Mytaras (1983-1989). He has frequently represented Greece with works of art which attracted acclaim at international exhibitions. In 1992 he was awarded the Grand Prix in the 24th Festival International de la Peinture (Cagnes-sur-Mer, France) and a year later he received the Prix de la Ville Saint Paul de Vence at the XIII Biennale Mediterranéenne (Nice). He has exhibited in various countries the world over and his works are included in public and private collections in Greece and abroad. He has been working on scenography since 1995, his most recent settings being those for Thodoris Gkonis’ Fallen Dervish (Xepesmenos Dervisis) in 2007. He resides and works in Athens.


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2012 Sign of Freedom / Veria 1912-2012, Byzantine Museum of Veria
  • 2012 Freedom Street, the office, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2004 Impassable forest, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens (essay by Michel Fais)
  • 2003 Transformation / from the darkness to light, City Hall Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong (curators Yohifi, Nigel Cameron, essay by A. Freris)
  • 2003 Passage from darkness to the light, Chania (Greece), Tzamia - Krystalla Gallery
  • 2001 Patmos / passage to light and darkness, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens (Calendar 2002, AGET-Heracles/Lafargue)
  • 2000 Exhibition in Agrinio (retrospective), Papastratos Brothers Tobacco Storehouses,  Agrinio (organization Agrinio Public Regional Theatre, essay by Martha Christofoglou)
  • 2000 The landscape of hinterland (retrospective), Petros & Marika Kydoniefs Foundation, Andros (curator Athena Schina)
  • 1998 Resque raft, Tzamia-Krystalla Gallery, Chania, Crete
  • 1997 Offering, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1996 Light, Rotunda, Hong Kong (curator Nigel Cameron)
  • 1993 Parable for a history of olive-tree, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1991 Eggs, Ekfrasi Gallery, Glyfada
  • 1990 Painting 1987-90, Ora Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1987 Painting 1984-87, Contemporary Art Gallery, Athens


Group Exhibitions – Activities

  • 2013 The 80's Generation - Contemporary Greek Painting from the Sotiris Felios Collection, National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum - Sparta Annex, (Coumantaros Art Gallery), Sparta
  • 2013 Somatographies - Contemporary Greek Painting from the Sotiris Felios Collection, National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum - Nafplion Annex, Nafplion
  • 2012 Ellenico Plurale - Dipinti dalla Collezione Sotiris Felios, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome (curated by Giuliano Serafini)
  • 2012 Between Reality and Fantasy- Paintings from the Sotiris Felios Collection, Giorgio de Chirico Cultural Center, Volos (curated by Irene Orati)
  • 2010 Contemporary Greek Painting part of the Sotiris Felios Collection, Sismanoglio Megaro, Istanbul.
  • 2009 Contemporary Greek Art, Hellenic Museum, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2009 Art and Democracy. 35 Contemporary Greek Artists, Zappion, Athens (curator Takis Mavrotas)
  • 2009 The Perspective Of Time. Pictorial Histories Paintings From The Sotiris Felios Collection, Benaki Museum, Athens (curator Irene Orati)
  • 2008 Classical Memories in Contemporary Greek Art, National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Athens
  • 2007 Classical Memories in Contemporary Greek Art, Capital Museum of China, Beijing (Cultural Year of Greece in China, organization National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum)
  • 2006 Dream and Memory, Kalfayan Gallery, Athens
  • 2005 Cyclades throught the lens, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens (curator Takis Mavrotas)
  • 2005 Light-Waves, Kalfayan Gallery, Athens
  • 2004 Encomium to the Olive Tree, Athens Academy, Athens (curator Louisa Karapidaki)
  • 2003 Classical Memories in Contemporary Greek Art, Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul (organization National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum)
  • 2000 The Olive Tree, Aktia Nikopolis Foundation, Preveza (curator Louisa Karapidaki)
  • 2002 Flames, Zoumboulakis Galleries / Small Paintings, Athens
  • 2002 The inner light comes out, Carousel du Louvre, Zoumboulakis Galleries in ART PARIS, Paris, France
  • 2001 Black, face, light, Zoumboulakis Galleries / Small Paintings, Athens
  • 2000 Classical Memories in Contemporary Greek Art, Onassis Cultural Foundation, New York (organization National Gallery- Alexandros Soutsos Museum)
  • 2000 Illuminating Black Squares (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1999 Approaches to Greek Identity. The Generations of the 80s and 90s, Athens Municipal Gallery, Greek Cultural Center, Stockholm, Dalarna Museum, Falun, Sweden, Château de Vianden, Luxemburg (curator Nelly Kyriazi)
  • 1999 Allusion to the City, Byzantine Museum, Ioannina (organization Center for Study of Tradition and Culture, Ministry of Culture)
  • 1999 The Olive Tree Past and Present, International Conference on the Olive Tree, Petros & Marika Kydoniefs Foundation, Andros (curator Athena Schina)
  • 1999 The Phases of the Moon (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1998 Contemporary Greek Art. Three Generations, Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv and the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos, Museum, Athens (curators M. Lambraki-Plaka and Morchechai Omer)
  • 1998 Trans-Balkan Conference, European Cultural Center, Delphi
  • 1998 Focuses of the Gaze, Contemporary Art Center, Larissa (curator Athena Schina)
  • 1998 Focalizations du Regard, European Union Building, Brussels (Greek European Union Presidency, curator Athena Schina)
  • 1998 Common Memory (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1996 Tribute to Pericles Pantazis, Averoff Museum, Metsovo (curator Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou)
  • 1996 Ten Artists for Doctors Without Borders, Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1996 In Chania, Fyrka Gallery, Chania, Crete
  • 1996 The Amulet (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens 1997 Repositioning of the chryselephantine bedsteads from Tomb II (Tomb of Philip the Great), Aegae Tomb Museum, Vergina (in collaboration with archeologist Angeliki Kottaridou)
  • 1996 De Profundis, VILKA Art Forum, Thessaloniki (curator Haris Savvopoulos)
  • 1996 Masters and Students. A Proposal for Reading, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens, Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessaloniki (curator Manos Stefanidis)
  • 1995 Summer in the Mediterranean, National Gallery, Tirana, Albania (curator Zoumboulakis Gallery)
  • 1995 F.I.A.C., Paris (with Zoumboulakis Gallery)
  • 1995 Tribute to El Greco, National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Athens (curator Marina Lambraki-Plaka)
  • 1995 Noble Metals, Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens (essay by Yannis Kontos)
  • 1995 Olive Tree – Oil Lamp (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1994 13ème Biennale Méditerranéenne, Acropolis, Nice (organization Union Méditerranéenne pour l’Art Moderne)
  • 1994 Awarded the Prix de la ville de Saint Paul de Vence
  • 1994 Bedsteads, 25ème Festival International de la Peinture. Les Lauréats, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France (essay by Marina Lambraki-Plaka)
  • 1994 Exercises in Homeland Education, National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum – Corfu Annex, Corfu (curator Manos Stefanidis)
  • 1994 F.I.A.C., Paris (with Zoumboulakis Gallery)
  • Diary of the Year that Passed (in Small Paintings), Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens
  • 1993-4 The Tree. Source of inspiration, occasion for creation, Averoff Museum, Metsovo, Center for Contemporary Art, Nicosia (curator Yannis Kolokotronis)
  • 1992 24éme Festival International de la Peinture, Château Musée de Cagnes-sur-Mer, France (commissioner Irene Florou) Awarded the Grand Prix
  • 1992 Out of Courtesy for Ora and Ashadur Baharian, Ora Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1992 Contemporary Greek Artists, European Cultural Center, Delphi (curator Pierides Museum)
  • 1991 Through Dream Territory, House of Cyprus, Athens
  • 1990 Four Painters for Four Poets, Gallery 24, Athens
  • 1989 Ten Young Painters, Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki (curator Manos Stefanidis)
  • 1989 Graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts, University Conservatory, Athens
  • 1988 150 Years of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Tombazis Mansion, Hydra
  • 1988 Painting for a Table, Athens Municipal Gallery (curator Manos Stefanidis)
  • 1988 Portraits, Athens Municipal Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1988 Exhibition of paintings for the newspaper Avghi, University of Athens Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1986 Love and Peace, Chiesa di Santo Spirito, Florence
  • 1984 International Association of Art Critics (AICA) International Conference, European Cultural Center, Delphi
  • 1982 Exhibition of Agrinio Painters, Kostas Papantonios Center,for the Visual Arts, Agrinio


 Stage Set Designs

  • 2007 Theodoros Gonis, Ruined Dervish, Athens Festival-Agrinio Public Regional Theatre, Little Epidauros, Petra Theatre, Oiniades
  • 2005 Aeschylus, Agamemnon, Athens Festival-Agrinio Public Regional Theatre, Oiniades, and the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Athens
  • 2004 Georgios Vizynos, The Sin of my Mother, Agrinio Public Regional Theatre, Aghia Marina, Agrinio
  • 2002 Theodoros Gonis, Evadni, Agrinio Public Regional Theatre, XI International Meeting for Ancient Greek Drama, Delphi
  • 1996 Georgios Vizynos, The Sin of my Mother, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki
  • 1995 Michel Fais, Autobiography of a Book, Public Theatre, Komotini
…on the willow’s dried up branch
autumn’s lowly boy,
robin redbreast, cheerfully appears.
with words humble and quiet.
Little prophet, with wings, he heralds
the spring, which shall return again.

As I drew a robin redbreast, in an attempt to cheat this year’s difficulty, I had in mind Georgios Drosinis’ poem "winter is here and the birds are leaving…"* ; a poem I hadn’t forgotten since my childhood. It was the 60s, in Agrinio’s First primary school; I was taught reading, poems and painting by my father’s brother, the teacher, Constandinos Bokoros and his wife, Georgia Papageorgiou, my teacher. The school-yard, the eucalyptuses and the acacias in the enclosure, the surrounding gardens and meadows, echoed of free birds and their songs.

They could not be undone by all those slings, lime-twigs, cages and air-guns. I still remember them, poems and birds. They stand by me, giving unforeseen solutions to the troubles of the mind and life. I remember that merry mischievousness of little robin redbreast, when he snuck, unseen, into the eagle’s wings and, at the right moment, flew higher than him, becoming the king of birds, little fella. Grandma Polyxeni told us all this, laughing under her breath, in the tiny kitchen of our refugee settlement. And she gave us empty pillow-cases in which to pluck the birds brought by my mother’s younger brother, Aggelos Margetos—a mighty hunter then, with his guns and his dogs.

Later on, (had the bird population really decreased or had we maybe moved away from them?) I read ‘where are the birds’* by Georgis Pavlopoulos and I heard Syrmo reciting Thodoris Gonis’ ‘birdie’*. Now I carry them with me too, searching for openings of sky in the clouds, buds swelling with hidden spring, in the cold winter. During our winters in Viniani, I hear the children, Thomas and Stamos, calling: There go